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Kilobitconsulting Is A One Stop Shop For All Your Technology Needs!

Kilobitconsulting, LLC is a technology consulting company who contracts engineers and specialists to provide the most comprehensive support in the industry. The contracted engineers and specialists are able to complete your system deployment and/or your upgrades. They are able to provide Network Design, Webpage Design and Development, Asset Management, ITS Integration, Network Upgrades, and Wireless Design to name a few of our services. Having a specialist's input to each area of your upgrade is beneficial to the longevity of your system. Without this input, there may be a chance of your new installation becoming quickly outdated because of limited foresight. We are able to remotely manage your network and thoroughly analyze your system for issues. We create reports to assist you in making choices for upgrading and maintaining your existing network system adding speed, efficiency, and security while minimizing cost.

Website Design and Development

At Kilobitconsulting, LLC, we provide Webhosting Control Panel solutions to our web design and development clients. For those business owners seeking a high quality managed hosting solution, Our services will include:

Virtual Hosting, Development and Design

Some of our clients are now looking for a cost-effective alternative to having a dedicated web server hosting solution. Usually a virtual server hosting option is the answer. With our virtual hosting, you get the best of both worlds with fully scalable server capacity without the expense of multiple dedicated servers. Whatever is your hosting budget, Kilobitconsulting, LLC Web Design and Development can provide the best solution for your unique needs and within your budgetary constraints.

PHP Web Hosting, Development and Design

Kilobit Website Design and Development specializes in PHP Web hosting. We offer full support for a wide range of PHP environments, including Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla. Our PHP web hosting utilizing the Ubuntu Server operating system and our own Kilobit Control Panel is fast, reliable, and affordable. This is profitable for sites that don't have the traffic or system resources that require their own VPS or dedicated server. Our development team focuses on PHP as their primary development environment which adds even greater depth to our support for hosting PHP web sites.

Drupal, Wordpress, and Joomla Templates

Kilobit Website Design and Development specializes in custom template design. We have numerous templates design. However, if you have a design in mind, contact us with the details and we will create your design just the way you want it.

SEO Optimization and Google Analytics

IT Consulting

At Kilobitconsulting, LLC, we are here to assist you with all your computer needs regardless of the situation. Our experiences are with any operating system (Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux Distros) and a wide range of devices (laptops, desktops, servers, and mobile devices). Our Services will include:

  • Emergency on-site service (3hr window)
  • Small Business IT Consulting
  • Residential and Business Support
  • Wireless and Wired Network (Initial Setup, Troubleshoot or Repair)
  • Slow Computer Repairs
  • PC Tune-ups
  • Virus, Spyware, and Malware Removal
  • Operating System Upgrades (Linux, Mac OSX, Windows)
  • Software Installation Assisting
  • Data Backup and System Restore
  • Peripherals and Hardware Consulting

Remote IT Consulting:

Kilobitconsulting, LLC is able to remotely view and control your computer to solve many of the problems you are having with your computer or network as if we are sitting at your desk.

* Must have Internet connection for Remote IT Consulting
Computer Cleaning:

Computers also need that amazing Spring Cleaning. Kilobitconsulting, LLC will thoroughly clean inside and outside of your computer. We will reconnect, verify and add that New Computer scent to your computer.

Data Transfer:

Have some important files or documents that you need from a previous computer or laptop? Kilobitconsulting, LLC will copy all the files you need and transfer the files from your old hard drive to your new one.

ITS Consulting

At Kilobitconsulting, LLC, we are here to assist you with all your Intelligent Transportation needs regardless of the situation. Our experience with detection, dissemination, video, wireless and wired communications, Fiber optic testing, network design, ITS subsystem integration, testing, and training will give even the most novice of ITS contractor, designer or system owner the expertise needed to efficiently complete their ITS project on time while minimizing cost and risk. Our Services will include:

ITS Installation and Configuration Training

Does your staff need training before handling sensitive technical equipment? Our knowledgeable staff will be able to train your staff reducing the guess work in the field and eliminating Liquidated Damages due to unforeseen technical issues. Does your contract require technical training? Don't worry we can assist with informing your client on the products that were installed and how to best use them to meet their needs.

ITS Technical and Specification Writing

A civil designer with ITS components in their roadway plans may need assistance with the technical portion of the ITS design. Without trained experience personnel assisting with the technical portion of the specifications the designer might not be able to protect its client against sub-par or even legacy technology being added to their new infrastructure. Make your ITS plans the best it can be by reducing risk during construction for supplemental agreements and additional work orders that may have been caused by a weak specification package.

ITS Pre-installation Integration Services

Roadway and Electrical contractors have been entering the ITS field due to hybrid installation of roadway and ITS in a single project. The integration of the multiple brands and types of equipment may increase contract time, add risk and cost to a project. Without trained ITS integrators, a contractor will almost always have acceptance issues if not worse (Liquidated Damages). Kilobitconsulting will reduce the risk by installing all equipments in the cabinet as a system, test in the system at the contractors storage location and finally secures the devices to the cabinet. The contractor using our services would just have to hang and terminate electrical and outside communication to the system. This is true plug and play integration with minimal risk.

ITS Pre-installation Device Configuration

Some systems such as carrier class switches may need special training to configure for that particular projects topology. Our team of contracted specialists can configure your devices per the specifications of your project and return them to you for installation at the jobsite. No more standalone testing multiple visits due to incorrect configuration. Reduce time and save money with our configuration services.

ITS Technical Design (Microstation)

Would you like a Professional Engineer with ITS experience to design your ITS infrastructure, device placement, and wiring to complement your Civil plans? Kilobitconsulting has a Professional Engineer registered in Florida that can assist with your technical design needs.

ITS Post Installation Testing

Now that the contractor has submitted for final acceptance, are you sure that you have a solid system that won’t only pass final acceptance but will last with minimal maintenance? Kilobitconsulting will do a thorough review of the ITS installation which includes wiring and wire types related connection types, slack for fiber cable, proper labeling of devices and cabling and much more. Kilobitconsulting will make sure that you get what you paid for. Our reports will give you an insight into the installation of your system and subsystems.

Comparative Device Review

What devices are best for my needs? Kilobitconsulting have realized that a review of devices and research into their past performance may be the best way to decide what devices are needed on that project. This service is usually very expensive at typical Engineering Consulting Firms due their large overhead. Kilobitconsulting has the contracted staff with expertise in this area and contacts for referencing any reported claims. Reducing cost by providing key information before purchasing devices is our goal.

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